Medical Technology in Digital Health Transformation - web-based distance learning (7,5 ECTS)

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This course will increase your digital readiness and make you better equipped to participate in digital health transformation in an active way. It will provide you a holistic view of healthcare transformation driven by healthcare needs and supported by enabling technologies.

Course description

Purpose and goal
The course aims to:
• help participants recognize the factors behind the need for a healthcare transformation.
• introduce digital healthcare transformation to healthcare professionals:
• present the role of medical technology in digital healthcare transformation.
• enable participants to differentiate between healthcare digitalization and digital health transformation.
• prepare participants in taking a role in digital health transformation.

Who should join this course?
Healthcare staff in medicine and biomedicine who are interested in digital health transformation and the underlying enabling technologies.
This course is for you if:
• You are concerned about your own digital readiness considering the ongoing digital transformation in healthcare.
• You want to learn more about digital transformation and the medical technologies enabling such a transformation.
• You would like to participate in the ongoing transformative processes exploiting the opportunity provided by digitalization.

Course set up
The course amounts to 7,5 ECTS and is delivered part-time. The course is entirely web-based and consists of webinars, lectures (online and pre-recorded), individual assignments, online discussions and demonstrations.

Other information
The course is offered as contract education and can be commissioned only by a legal entity - an
organisation, company or the equivalent. Please visit for registration and more information.

If you are interested in organaise this course for a group of people, please contact Project Coordinator, Kristoffer Mörtsjö,